Carolyn held a variety of positions with Canada Immigration for 16 years, from Senior Immigration Officer to Adjudicator. This has given Carolyn the advantage of seeing things from ‘both sides of the fence’ and has given her the unique ability to assess clients Immigration applications with the insight and knowledge needed to ensure success when reviewed by Canadian Immigration Officials.

Polinsys will ensure you have the brightest of futures. Studying in Canada not only provides you with a world recognized education, it also opens up a pathway for smooth transition to qualify for Permanent Residence in Canada leading to Citizenship.

I am here to help you every step of the way! Remember, only ICCRC certified members can represent you throughout the Immigration process. If you obtain admission to study in Canada through Polinsys, I will guide you throughout your schooling in Canada. As your authorized representative I will provide you with the right advice to obtain admissions, make sure you can work both while studying, if you want to, and after you graduate. I will also ensure you will qualify to apply for and represent you throughout permanent residency processing until the happy day of receiving your Permanent Resident Visa arrives! So from start to finish I will be your contact in Canada to represent you with the government here.

At Polinsys, we do NOT charge anything for obtaining admissions into Canadian Universities and colleges. Our fees are very reasonable and you need to pay us only after you complete your course and I represent you to obtain your Post-Graduate Work Permit with the Government as well as representing your Permanent Residence Visa leading to Citizenship. You will also have the benefit and security of having a Canadian Representative with you in Canada!

Support Representation:
All PNP’s, Quebec Programs (Federal portion),
Family Sponsorships

Specialize in:
Express Entry CEC & Ontario PNP,
Nova Scotia PNP, Spousal Work Permits,
Family Sponsorships, Federal Skilled Trades

Phone Number:
905 4813630

Working Hours
12 noon to 8 pm


Skype ID:




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