Joy Stephen began his career as a Immigration practitioner in 1993 and since, has represented several thousands of clients since then. He specializes in federal programs like Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled worker program and Spousal sponsorship’s. He represents clients at the various provinces for PNP”s with the exception of Quebec. He is accessible to the public through several Public seminars on Immigration options to Canada.

For any type of immigration representation with the Federal Government, whether it is under FSW or under CEC, Joy Stephen is ready to help! He will first do a quick review of the applicant and provide the applicant various options, and then come up a representation pathway.

If you want to run a free evaluation on your immigration prospects to Canada, please fill in your contact details and Joy Stephen will send you a link where you can do a free online evaluation. His office will then be in touch with you and discuss your options.

Good luck! And if you are a foreign national, see you in Canada soon! …. And if you are a Canadian Temporary Resident, we can discuss your Permanent Residence options!

Support Representation:
All PNP’s, Quebec Programs (Federal portion),
Family Sponsorships

Specialize in:
Express Entry CEC & FSW,
Spousal Work Permits

Phone Number:
905 4884675

Working Hours
12 noon to 8 pm


Skype ID:




If you are interested in immigrate to canada please run an evaluation to check your eligibility. Provide us your contact information below to begin your evaluation!