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5000 Yonge St, Suite 1901, Toronto, ON M2N 7E9, Canada
416 8488271
Mon- Fri 12.00 PM to 8pm
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Authorized Representatives

The Toronto office is Managed by two Authorized Representatives, Joy Stephen. There are FREE Permanent Residence Seminars every other week. All Polinsys offices meet with clients only on pre-scheduled appointments. Please contact 416-225-3788 to schedule an appointment.


The Student Herald FREE Immigration Information seminars for temporary residents in Canada who would like to know about options available for Permanent Residence in Canada are held every other week at this office. For schedules, click here!

Scheduled Appointments

Polinsys offers FREE seminars for all temporary residents who would like to know about PR opportunities in Canada, be it the Federal Express Entry Program or the various Provincial programs. You may also choose to enrol with the Polinsys Preparedness program by calling our toll FREE number 1 888 5534833. Polinsys does not encourage walk-ins but would encourage our clients to run an on-line evaluation, determine your eligibility and then discuss your situation with a co-ordinator before scheduling a paid consultation.

Evaluation & Document processing

Polinsys is operated on a Centralized platform and most document related issues including verifications for this location will be handled by the Polinsys Centralized Processing Centre.