Application Information for Immigrants to Canada


Many people want to immigrate to Canada. However, getting information about an application for immigration to Canada has not always been easy.

Canada’s Information Commissioner investigated Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada regarding access to information about immigration applications. The only way to get the status of an application for permanent residence or find out why it was denied is to file an access to information request, also known as an ATIP. Not only does this process take a lot of time itself for those temporarily in Canada, but it is not available to those living outside Canada and often involves a representative to find out more.

The Information Commissioner said that the IRCC does not provide information through other methods and that inefficiency results in people not having access to immigration information in a better and quicker way.

The IRCC has said it is making changes to its system so immigrants can more easily get information on their applications. Changes should be coming later in 2021. These changes should include the online portal, notifications, and content on its website. The IRCC may also implement a Temporary Resident Refusal Letter with details provided for applicants. The IRCC is working on short-term solutions including more automation and improvements to the request form online, while it works on permanent solutions.

Canada and Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada continue to improve for immigrants.