Canada Immigration Case-law Canada, Awrham, CITIZENSHIP — Qualifications — Residence by Joy Stephen, Polinsys

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CITIZENSHIP — Qualifications — Residence — Applicant entered Canada in October 2007, and she resided in Windsor, Ontario — Applicant became permanent resident of Canada in November 2010 — Applicant applied for Canadian citizenship in February 2013 — Citizenship judge refused application for Canadian citizenship due to failure to meet residency requirements under s. 5(1)(c) of Citizenship Act (Can.) — Application was refused on basis of insufficient evidence — Applicant appealed — Appeal dismissed — Standard of review was reasonableness — Applicant had onus of presenting clear and credible evidence of having met residency requirement, which she failed to do — Citizenship judge might have made number of questionable inferences about applicant’s absences from Canada, but they were fuelled by lack of sufficient evidence — Citizenship judge was not able to clearly determine how many days applicant was physically present in Canada during relevant period due to insufficient evidence — There was lack of complete or proper disclosure on part of applicant

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