Canada Immigration Case-law Canada v Lai, IMMIGRATION — Selection and admission — Sponsorship by Joy Stephen, Polinsys

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IMMIGRATION — Selection and admission — Sponsorship

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Foreign national was citizen of China who first entered Canada in 2006 on tourist visa — Foreign national met sponsor in 2009 and married him in March 2010 — Foreign national submitted in-Canada spousal sponsorship application — During interview officer noted several discrepancies in answers provided by foreign national and sponsor, and found their explanations for discrepancies were not reasonable — Officer also commented negatively on demeanor of foreign national and sponsor during interview — Officer found that foreign national had failed to demonstrate that she was in bona fide relationship not entered into primarily for immigration purposes and denied application — Foreign national applied for judicial review — Application dismissed — Although officer only discussed evidence that pointed away from bona fides of relationship, officer’s conclusions were reasonable on evidence, and her reasons were intelligible and transparent — Officer’s doubts about foreign national’s and sponsor’s credibility were entirely reasonable — Officer’s conclusions with respect to discrepancies in testimony of foreign national and sponsor at interview were reasonable and cast serious doubts on parties’ credibility

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