Canada Immigration Caselaw Canada v Liu,Selection and admission, General, Joy Stephen, Polinsys

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Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) v.Liu

IMMIGRATION — Selection and admission — General

Applicant, citizen of China, applied for Quebec selection certificate, with spouse, under investor category — Applicant alleged ownership of buildings in Beijing was financed by friend’s loan and mortgage — Minister found contradictions between narrative and documents and granted applicant 60 days to explain inconsistencies — Minister dismissed applicant’s application for selection certificate — Applicant applied for judicial review of Minister’s decision — Application dismissed — Applicable standard of review was reasonableness — Pursuant to s. 3.2.1. of An Act Respecting Immigration to Quebec (Que.), Minister may refuse any application containing false or misleading information or document — Minister had vast discretion — Applicant provided false and misleading information — One of alleged real estate holdings did not physically exist — Minister’s decision was not unreasonable — Application for judicial review, moreover, was brought more than three months after Minister’s decision, and not within “reasonable delay”

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