Canadian Experience Class (CEC) Express Entry Permanent Residence for Family: Points System

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Good day ladies and gentlemen. Today we are going to discuss the points system for the new Express Entry selection for Permanent Residence in Canada as an applicant with a spouse. This video is specifically for those applicants who have worked in Canada on a work permit. Either an LMO based work permit or a Post Graduate work permit. This calculation is simple and straight forward, even though some may consider it a little complicated. You may want to calculate these points with the assistance of a worksheet, You can download it from the content posted here on youtube or visit the transcript of this video on my blog Please use the worksheet (show worksheet) titled CEC Express entry with spouse. If you are not able to print the work sheet, you may write down the points on a piece of paper. There are 3 separate factors to be considered and 3 or 4 sections in each factor.

This point calculation is for CEC applicants who has Canadian Work Experience, who is married or in a common-law relationship and who is not French speaking.

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