Polinsys strives to provide the best quality of service for all of our clients. If you feel dissatisfied with our services, please reach out to us and we will do our best to resolve your complaint. Before becoming a Polinsys client, we advise all potential clients to carefully read through the agreement prior to signing. We work to the best of our ability to best represent your permanent residence application with the Canadian Government. Polinsys is comprised of experienced Authorized Representatives that only pursue migration opportunities that are legal and allowed by the Canadian Government. Regulations in Canada classifies any kind of “sale” of visas illegal. It is based on this understanding that we accepted your payment for preparedness or representation. Below we have explained parts of our agreement to give you a better understanding prior to becoming a Polinsys client.

“Polinsys has agreed to provide the necessary service required for representing [client] with the Canadian Immigration Authorities based on the work done on the file and the services performed. Work done on the file is calculated based on who performs such work on the file” 

Polinsys ensures that clients are accurately billed based on the work done on a file and the expertise required. Polinsys operates on a fee structure for services rendered along with fees payable to the Canadian Government. Our billables are strictly based on the time spent reviewing and processing a file along with the expertise required in that particular file.

“Polinsys has agreed to provide representation to [client] for [program]. In consideration of the fees paid Polinsys agrees to do the following:”

Your agreement lists the services that you are paying for including the program that you are applying for. Polinsys will list the services that it will offer specifically for the program chosen. The agreement and fees paid are strictly for the program indicated in this section. If a client would like to apply for a different program or province, the agreement is revised to facilitate the change of services rendered.

“[Client] acknowledge and agree that should I or any person included in my application have an undisclosed medical or criminal problem, provide the Consultant with any false or misleading information or fraudulent documents, not advise the Consultant of any relevant changes in circumstances such as a pending civil or criminal prosecution or change of marital status, and should unforeseen subsequent or retroactive changes to immigration laws occur from the date of this contract, I shall not be entitled to any refund of professional or governmental fees if my application is refused as a result of such change of law or act or omission on my part.” 

Polinsys utilizes the information that the client has supplied in order to best represent the client’s application to the Canadian Government. Polinsys is not responsible for any false information that is supplied by the client and cannot refund fees for services or application fees if there is a change in law or if false information has been provided. Clients also must understand that there are penalties imposed by the Canadian Government for misrepresentation of information.

“I acknowledge that under the [Program], there is no guarantee of selection. I retain the consultant to act for me in submitting my initial Expression of Interest in the [Program], and to perform any subsequent related tasks if I am selected to apply through an Invitation to Apply to the [Program].” 

Polinsys cannot provide refunds if a client’s application has not been selected. Polinsys bills for the services required to submit the application and therefore is unable to provide a refund for an unsatisfactory response since services have already been rendered.

If you have a complaint, please contact Polinsys directly through the form below. Polinsys will not respond to complaints over social media or other public forums since we keep client information strictly confidential as regulated by the Canadian Government.