Helping students learn about the history of Black Islanders in PEI, released by Prince Edward Island on 19 January 2024

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Good day ladies and gentlemen, this is IRC news, I am Joy Stephen, a certified Canadian Immigration practitioner, and I bring to you this Provincial News Bulletin from the province of Prince Edward Island. This recording originates from the Polinsys studios in Cambridge, Ontario. Debbie Langston immigrated to Prince Edward Island in 2004 with her young family. In 2018, while working in a local school and doing research for Black History Month, she came across the story of The Bog. Langston was excited to learn more about the Black community that has existed in PEI since before Confederation. “It gave me a sense of belonging.” But as she began discussing her findings with others, she realized that the history of Black Islanders and the existence of The Bog were not well known. “History is usually a very one-sided story and is often told by white historians. This results in a gap in knowledge regarding the experiences, thoughts, and voices of enslaved people. I wanted to change that.” So, Langston created The Black Women’s History Project, in collaboration with the Black Cultural Society of PEI; descendants of Black Islanders; the Advisory Council on the Status of Women; the Interministerial Women’s Secretariat; and members of curriculum team with the Department of Education and Early Years. It’s a resource that contains lesson plans, videos, a timeline of Black Islander history, and materials to support teachers, focusing on Black women’s history in PEI. Langston says resources like this are vital in schools. You can always access past news from the Province of Prince Edward Island by visiting this link: Furthermore, if you are interested in gaining comprehensive insights into the Provincial Express Entry Federal pool Canadian Permanent Residence Program or other Canadian Federal or Provincial Immigration programs, or if you require guidance after your selection, we cordially invite you to connect with us through We highly recommend participating in our complimentary Zoom resource meetings, which take place every Thursday. We kindly request you to carefully review the available resources. Should any questions arise, our team of Canadian Authorized Representatives is readily available to address your concerns during the weekly AR’s Q&A session held on Fridays. You can find the details for both of these meetings at Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with professional assistance throughout the immigration process. Additionally, IRCNews offers valuable insights on selecting a qualified representative to advocate on your behalf with the Canadian Federal or Provincial governments, which can be accessed at