International recruitment

International recruitment:

Strategy in recruitment: If you strategize and recruit well, you may benefit from substantial advantages by hiring overseas personnel to fill ‘hard to find’ Canadian Jobs. Designated Employers may be missing out if they do not try this approach leveraging Provincial and Federal Immigration programs to their benefit.

Let me start with an example, please apply this example to your environment.

A master’s in nursing with 4 years of Registered nurse experience may be willing to work as a Personal Support Worker in Canada. The master’s Nursing program may pass equivalency in Canada and the applicant could have good communication ability in English especially when the medium of Instruction in their home country is English. By selecting a highly experienced and trained personnel for a lower job in Canada would earn the employer valuable professional advantage. It could take up to a year or more or more for the international applicant to obtain their nursing credentials. Until such time, you may employ a highly skilled, highly educated professional and she or he can add value to your team. Some employers provide a pathway to growth after they get their nursing credentials helping in retention. 

Another example is hiring engineers as assistants to work in Automotive establishments or construction companies. They come with master’s degree, and would targeting PE Certification down the road, Many take up to 4 years to obtain their certification by which time, their qualification and experience overseas could benefit Canadian companies. They can join as an assistant and if an employer provides pathway to growth based on their Canadian certifications, you are going to see a high degree of retention as well as employee satisfaction. 

The above two examples pertain to hiring ‘certification-based’ employees, however, there are several jobs which does not require Canadian or Provincial certification like a Software Developer, or a Chef/Cook. You are likely to find highly qualified personnel who can join an employer at a lower end of the average wage for the title. You may also find Highly skilled individuals in certain areas willing to work in a lower position providing Canadian corporations a high level of productivity as well as available and long-term employees. If the employer resorts to ‘wage growth’ based on performance and a career pathway carved for new arrivals, you are going to see a high degree of retention. 

Atlantic employers will benefit a lot if they strategize. Finding the right employee and retaining them cuts into unserved or underserviced departments, thereby increasing operational efficiency, client satisfaction and profits. If Immigration programs are leveraged in a strategic way with a win-win approach, the results are possibly going to be dramatic especially in remote location and hard to find positions. Canada is a hot destination in the world today for a magnitude of reasons. A good hiring strategy for those hard-to-find job applicants would go a long way in attracting global talent into Canada and capitalizing on the Canadian Popularity around the world. Strategy is key, However, please come up with a strategy based on each job titles you wish to recruit and not a blanket strategy for all job titles. In some cases like jobs based on Canadian certification, you can hire experienced and highly skilled foreign nationals in lower level jobs which will allow employers a cushion to explore while the new immigrant gets his or her footing in a new country and gains that certification over time. This  allows new comers to grow within over time and the professional growth coupled with their certification enhance retention. It could take a year or in some cases, even 3 to 4 years to obtain certification. This period is well utilized by the employee to settle down and come up to speed with Canadian requirements, and the employer would benefit from a highly skilled and talented personnel working for them. 

Another aspect to consider is time taken for an International worker to arrive in Canada and begin work. This is where Immigration companies (especially the larger agent free operators) come into play. They could have hundreds of thousands of prospects in their database who are immigration ready. Some time employers are disheartened to spend resources and select candidates overseas and after several months of waiting, find out that they would not qualify to come to Canada either because of a health issue, a language test or even a criminal inadmissible possibility. If Employers can pick someone who is “immigration ready”, meaning they have met their language requirements, have no known health issues, and in many cases, done their credential evaluations meaning they have compared their overseas education credentials to a comparable education level in Canada) and these candidates are ready to apply and obtain their work permit to join their employers. If you have an applicant with all these immigration requirements completed, they could join you in about 4 months, otherwise, it is infinite, and we know as entrepreneurs that business or services cannot wait 

Retention of International workers: We have seen that retention of employee’s benefits employers. Turnaround of employees could create disruptions in service levels. Not only that, it could also create additional time and money to employers. New recruitment, training and deployment takes time, money at a cost-of-service levels too. There are unique ways to retention strategies. One way is to show the level of scale when   Example, If a MSc nurse from India takes up a job as a Personal Support Worker with an employer in the Atlantic region, and she or he is provided a clear pathway to growth when she obtains her nursing licence in Canada, she or he is likely to target growth and focus on settlement with the current employer rather than looking elsewhere. There are several examples, and we can discuss them. 

Immigration offers some hidden gifts which many employers seem to let go without even trying. We encourage Atlantic employers and employers in areas where the RNIP program is launched to try out foreign recruitment. If managed well, you could experience the benefits.

We offer the following services: 

  1. We charge $1200 for a comprehensive report If you want us to provide you with a strategic approach for certain key positions you would like to hire from overseas.   OR. 
  2. We offer recruitment services for recruiting domestic or foreign workers for a fee. Our fees are competitive and includes foreign worker recruitment in the mix OR
  3. We can also offer FREE referral services for Immigration ready foreign nationals who can readily join your organization in a few months. Please keep In mind, that when you hire a foreign national, and if they are not immigration ready, their arrival time is infinity, and if they are immigration ready, meaning, they have completed their Credential evaluations, done their IELTS or language testing exams, the chances are that they could be in Canada in about 4 months if all goes well.

Why should you partner with us? Well, we have two Canadian corporations working hand in hand to support your recruitment needs. The Student Herald is a Recruiter and Polinsys is a global immigration firm. Two different service originations coming together to offer recruitment efforts which would enhance your Recruitment needs to include a global talent pool in your recruitment efforts. The Student Herald works together with Polinsys to have a single window approach to recruiting. We make it happen for employers who want to widen their horizons and benefit from Canadian Immigration programs.

Allow us to discuss the possibilities!

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