100 hours domestic internship!

8 hours week (2 weekdays @ 3 hours each & Saturday 2 hours) for 12 weeks

Exceptional candidates may become eligible for a Travel expense paid overseas internship in India and the United Arab Emirates for 4 weeks (Maximum of 2 per internship cycle)

An internship will provide for a weekly objective and evaluation. Each intern will be trained in the hands-on tasks they have to accomplish for the week. A self-evaluation report will have to be submitted at the end of each week!

On the job training during the internship period could cover the following:

  • Some Canadian immigration programs like CEC, Spousal application
  • Some International Immigration programs like FSW, Study permit
  • Client Management: Software
  • Customer Service: Handling client queries


  • Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Excellent Language skills
  • Good product knowledge
  • Willingness to learn and provide results
  • Currently enrolled in an Immigration course, or completed an immigration course within the past 12 months

Locations available: Mississauga (6), Vancouver (2)

If you would like to be considered, please let us know by filling the form below:

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