PEI Canada

Prince Edward Island (PEI)

  • PEI is located on the east coast of Canada, and is connected to the mainland by the Confederation Bridge.
  • PEI is Canada’s smallest and greenest province
  • Population of 145,855 people
  • Total area of 5,660 km²
  • GDP of over US $36,700 per capita
  • The provincial economy is dominated by the seasonal industries of agriculture, tourism,& fishery
  • Currency is Canadian Dollars (CAD)

PEI Provincial Nominee Program

  • Immigration is needed to address PEI’s population and economic needs.
  • PEI PNP is a partnership between the Province of PEI (Immigration Services) and the Government of Canada.
  • PEI PNP nominates applicants who are expected to make a positive economic and cultural contribution to PEI.
  • Business Impact Category: Nominees invest in and actively manage a business in PEI.

Advantages Of Living In PEI

  • Smallest of all Canadian provinces, in both size and population
  • With two urban centers, it is not over-crowded
  • Some of the lowest housing prices in Canada
  • One of the lowest crime rates in Canada
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Friendly and welcoming citizens
  • One of the most popular tourism destinations in North America: more than 1 million visitors annually.
  • Ideal place to raise a family and operate a business

Program Benefits

  • Charlottetown, PEI, is the lowest cost capital city in the lowest cost country in all of North America, Europe and Japan, in which to do business (KPMG).
  • Major industries are agriculture, aquaculture, tourism, fishing and manufacturing.
  • Information Technology, Aerospace, Financial Services, and Bio-science are rapidly growing industries.
  • Exports from the pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing industries grew by 10% per year over past several years.
  • Strategic access to global markets with efficient transportation and infrastructure
  • Located within 625 km of key markets such as New York, Boston, Toronto and Montreal.
  • Skilled workforce: Over 54% has post-secondary training
  • Low employee turnover: average employment tenure is over 9 years.
  • Private sector unionization rate is over 8% (national average is approximately 20%).
  • Highest labour participation rate in Atlantic Canada: over 69%.

Applicant Criteria

  • Intend to settle in PEI
  • Intend to manage, invest in, or own a business in PEI
  • Make a minimum investment in a PEI business in accordance with Section 87 of the IRPA regulations.
  • Minimum $600,000 in earned net worth (including at least $150,000 in cash).
  • Between 21 and 59 years of age
  • Completed at least 12 years of school (completed secondary school).
  • Minimum 1-2 years of recent, transferrable management experience.
  • Basic proficiency in English (IELTS 4.0) or French


*Information accurate at the time of print. For latest information on this program, discuss with your Polinsys counselor +1 905 2795555