For any type of immigration representation with the Federal Government, whether it is under FSW or under CEC, Joy Stephen is ready to help! He will first do a quick review of the applicant and provide the applicant various options, and then come up a representation pathway.

If you want to run a free evaluation on your immigration prospects to Canada, please fill in your contact details and Joy Stephen will send you a link where you can do a free online evaluation. His office will then be in touch with you and discuss your options.

Good luck! And if you are a foreign national, see you in Canada soon! …. And if you are a Canadian Temporary Resident, we can discuss your Permanent Residence options!

Support Representation:
All PNP’s, Quebec Programs (Federal portion),
Family Sponsorships

Specialize in:
Express Entry CEC & FSW,
Spousal Work Permits

Phone Number:
905 4884675

Working Hours
12 noon to 8 pm


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