Master of Education (ISP)

Doing a Masters in Ontario means easy Permanent Residence in Canada. The province of Ontario nominates anyone who does Masters in their province for Permanent Residence. It is quota based and is open at different times of the year.
If you want to become Permanent Resident in Canada without the added responsibility of obtaining a skilled job, then doing a Masters in Ontario will assist you greatly.
Do your Masters in Teaching in the Niagara Region of Ontario! Close to Niagara Falls and one of the best places under the sun! Masters in Teaching also provides you one of the best opportunities to obtain some of the top paying Jobs. Teaching has its rewards!
For more details contact your Polinsys Coordinator Today by filling in the form below! Good Academic scores and strong English is required for admissions! The University is one of the best in the region!

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Program Name – Master of Education (ISP) Specialization:

  • Administration and Leadership in Education
  • Teaching, Learning and Development Program length: 14 Months (4 Terms).For immigration purposes is considered a 2 year program, which qualifies you to apply for the 3-year Post Graduate Work Permit.


The Master of Education International Student Program (MEd ISP) is designed for educators and administrators in K-12 and post-secondary education, and professionals in public and private organizations. Any graduates interested in teaching or administration in schools can apply.

Career Options:

Graduates seek jobs in private schools as teachers or administrators, in non-profit organizations, as corporate or community trainers, translators, and educational consultants.