New Changes to CRS Points for Express Entry Study in Canada gets additional points

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Good news for International students and Temporary workers who studied in Canada! The CRS points are changing to reflect additional points for studying in Canada about which we will discuss first, then we will discuss points for LMIA or Job offer for people who are on a Employer work permit, which has reduced dramatically,

15 Points for anybody who has done a one or two-year post-secondary program in Canada

30 points for anybody who has done a 3 or more-year post-secondary program, OR, done masters lever or Licence program for entry into NOC A, OR PHD programs


Now let us discuss LMIA excempt Job Offers. This is available only for people who are on an Employer Work Permit, NAFTA, Provincial Work Permit, Work Permits issued under Significant Benefit to Canada initiative. Please note that open work permits do not become eligible for LMIA excempt job offers.

If the offer is contained in the major group 00, ie: 0011, 0012, 0013, 0014, 0015, 0016, then the applicant will be awarded 200 points. For all other skilled occupations, the applicant will be awarded 50 points.

Previously LMIA was awarded 600 points but that has been reduced to 200 or 50 points depending on the NOC code and study in Canada is awarded points which will benefit several applicants who studied in Canada.

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