Nurses for Canada! Wholesome Approach

Nurses for Canada! Wholesome Approach

With Ageing population in Canada, nurses are a big part of the Canadian Permanent Residence landscape.

Canadian Immigration approaches are changing post covid. With a limited number of people Canada took in for several months (Covid closing), the number of people in the Express Entry pool has risen to an all-time high. But do not fear! Canada has several immigration pathways which offer Permanent Residence pathways, even for people over 60 years of age! Polinsys has created a platform of multiple PR options depending on what you consider as a weakness in a Canadian PR application and converts it into strengths with other migration pathways. For example, if you are 47 years old and consider a challenge with Express Entry and CRS scores, you would be the prime candidate for Employer driven programs like AIPP and RNIP because those programs value your work experience. Please read on!


  • Nurses, please attend the General Immigration approaches meeting held every week on Thursdays at 10 am EST (Manila at 10 pm, Delhi at 7.30 pm & Dubai at 6 pm). It could give you some preliminary understanding of the Immigration pathways and how to best position yourself as a nurse when it comes to Canada Immigration! To obtain an invite for the weekly FREE zoom meeting, please subscribe here!


  • Nurses, your Hello Canada program! This is a Recruiter program offered by The Student Herald offering a pathway to Permanent Residency through recruitment. This Zoom meeting about employment opportunities and pathways is on Tuesdays at 9 am EST (Manila at 9 pm, Delhi at 6.30 pm & Dubai at 5 pm). This program requires fewer IELTS scores, and age is not a major factor. To obtain an invite for the weekly FREE zoom meeting, please subscribe here!


  • Education Pathway for Nurses! Studying in Canada offers an easier pathway to Canadian Permanent Residence. Age could be a consideration but there are justifiable courses for people in their 40’s maybe! Check out approaches and managing education pathways leading to Canadian Permanent Residence.


  • Nurse Credentialing in Canada: Even if you are living outside Canada, you can prepare and complete your NCLEX and other certification processes which could allow you to find jobs easier in Canada. Please attend the free Zoom meeting once a month on the 2nd Friday of every month at 9 pm EST (Manila at 10 am on Saturday, Delhi at 6.30 am on Saturday & Dubai at 5 am Saturday). To obtain an invite for the monthly Zoom meeting, please subscribe here!


  • Entrepreneur Migration Pathway: Nurses! If your spouse is a Senior Manager or an Entrepreneur (Businessperson), they can start a business in Canada and progress into being a Canadian Permanent Resident for the whole family including yourself! A complete and detailed Information session on Entrepreneur pathways is held through a free Zoom meeting once a month on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month at 10 AM EST (Manila at 10 pm, Delhi at 7.30 pm & Dubai at 6 pm). To obtain an invite for the monthly Zoom meeting, please subscribe here!


Please beware of Fraud when dealing with Immigration and Recruitment. Please watch this video to protect yourself from fraud:

Please note that the time specified in EST (Eastern Standard Time) or the time in Toronto, Canada. To convert this time to your city, please google: What time is it in Dubai when it is 10 am in Toronto. Please change ‘Dubai’ to your city and please change the time provided on this page for that specific event.

Approaching Canadian Permanent Residence without being PR ready is futile. You will need to be PR ready to even attempt some of the good Canadian Immigration programs. You will encounter Canadian provinces and Canadian employers asking you this: Are you PR Ready? (Example New Brunswick). Some employers may also ask to see a reference letter from another Canadian Corporation or entity. Therefore, it pays to use a Canadian Corporation and Canadian licensed professionals to represent and assist foreign nationals. Sign up with a Canadian Immigration firm by paying $295 and become ‘Immigration ready’ and then decide on which approach best fits you.

Please attend multiple Zoom events to update yourself about the multiple options available. For example, for Nurses, if you are limited by language or age, attend both the General multi-Immigration pathways meeting on Thursday and the Employer driven pathways meet on Tuesdays! Nurses must also attend the FREE Nurse Credentialing meeting.

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