Nurses for Canada! Wholesome Approach

Nurses for Canada! Wholesome Approach

With an aging population in Canada, nurses play a significant role in the landscape of Canadian Permanent Residency (PR).

Canada offers a variety of immigration pathways for permanent residency that are not age-dependent. At Polinsys, we have developed a platform that provides multiple PR options tailored to individual circumstances. For instance, if you are 47 years old and find challenges with the Express Entry system and Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores, you could be an ideal candidate for employer-driven programs such as the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) or the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP), where your work experience is highly valued.

We encourage you to continue reading to explore these opportunities further.


  • Nurses, please watch these videos and then attend the General Immigration approaches meeting held every week on Fridays. It could give you some preliminary understanding of the Immigration pathways and how to best position yourself as a nurse when it comes to Canada Immigration! To obtain an invite for the weekly FREE zoom meeting, please subscribe here!


  • Nurses, your Hello Canada program! This is a Employer driven program offered by The Student Herald offering a pathway to Permanent Residency through Canadian Jobs and PR program.  This program requires fewer IELTS scores, and age is not a major factor. To obtain an invite for the weekly FREE zoom meeting, please subscribe here!


  • Education Pathway for Nurses! Studying in Canada offers an easier pathway to Canadian Permanent Residence. Age could be a consideration but there are justifiable courses for people in their 40’s maybe! Check out approaches and managing education pathways leading to Canadian Permanent Residence.


  • Nurse Credentialing in Canada: Even if you are living outside Canada, you can prepare and complete your NCLEX and other certification processes which could allow you to find jobs easier in Canada. Please attend the free Zoom meeting once a month on the 2nd Friday of every month at 9 pm EST (Manila at 10 am on Saturday, Delhi at 6.30 am on Saturday & Dubai at 5 am Saturday). To obtain an invite for the monthly Zoom meeting, please subscribe here!


  • Entrepreneur Migration Pathway: Nurses! If your spouse holds the position of Senior Manager or is an entrepreneur, they have the opportunity to establish a business in Canada and subsequently secure permanent residency status for the entire family, including you. Comprehensive information on entrepreneurial pathways to Canadian permanent residency is available through our video resources. We highly recommend watching these videos and attending our weekly Q&A sessions, which are conducted by a certified Canadian representative.


How to select a reputable and experienced Immigration Practitioner? Please watch some guidance on this subject from IRCnews:

Approaching Canadian Permanent Residence without being PR ready is futile. You will need to be PR ready to even attempt some of the good Canadian Immigration programs. You will encounter Canadian provinces and Canadian employers asking you this: Are you PR Ready? (Example New Brunswick). Sign up with a Canadian Immigration firm by paying $295 and become ‘Immigration ready’ and then decide on which approach best fits you.

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