Operations Manager


Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the Operations Manager position with Polinsys. I am the director of Polinsys and I am looking for a team to work with me in establishing 4 office locations in India. I would like to select 4 Senior managers, one of whom, based on performance, could be evaluated for the General Manager’s position in the future! This is NOT an entry level manager position, but it is for those who are able to face challenges and obtain results. This is a general management position and to start with, the applicant must be able to establish & manage all aspects of operations of a small branch of 10 personnel.

I would like to provide you with a perspective of what this position entails so that those of you who are willing to face the challenge, can prepare for your selection process. I will also briefly list the selection process as well so that there are some clarity and transparency on expectations.

Operations manager in Polinsys will be the Manager who set up and establishes the organization in a region. Typically, he/she will establish the office, hire personnel and deploy training, set up operational structures and achieve objectives. Honesty and integrity along with professionalism, dedication, and performance go with the job.

Working hours: An operations manager begins work at an office at 9 am and finishes after 7,30pm at the very minimum. He/she will have to be at the office at least a few minutes before his/her team arrives and leave after providing all reports for the day after his/her team leaves.

Remuneration: The operations manager will earn a fixed salary of Rs 1 lakh per month during probation and on successful completion of probation (after evaluation), the salary would be standardized at Rs 1.5 lakhs per month with annual performance-based bonuses. This is an “up or out” position with performance deadlines.

Job responsibilities: Operation Manager is the heart and soul of the organization for that region. This is a general management position and the Manager is entirely responsible for the smooth operations of the establishment. The right person will be responsible for the following:

  • Office setup and the ambiance required to run a 10-member team
  • Recruitment of Personnel & Training
  • Training
  • Management & Operational structures
  • Management approach and suggestion on effective operational structures
  • Responsible for results of team members
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Special projects

Polinsys will be looking for someone who can independently establish an organization in a region. Absolutely result oriented managers who can adhere to deadlines and set up a management/operation structure with a well documented and systematic guide comprising of checks and balance for smooth operations.

Selection Process:

Step 1: My team is currently evaluating applicants and will shortlist some of you. For those who have passed the initial screening, we will be sending a written task On Sunday, September 16, (Due to the number of applicants, we were not able to complete initial screening, therefore date has been moved to September 23) by around 8 pm IST, this task is to be completed and sent back by 10 pm IST on Sunday, September 16.

This will be the first step of a 4-step selection process. We anticipate our selection to be completed by mid/end September to allow the selected candidates who are desirous of joining this organization to provide notice to their current employer and prepare for the move. We expect applicants to start work on November 1, 2018

This job is not for those who:

  • Need constant supervision to achieve
  • Looking for a 9 to 6 job
  • Severe pressure for minor objectives
  • No management experiences
  • Moving current position just because of salary
  • Not willing to travel

The right person will have some or all these qualities:

  • Management experience
  • Absolutely result oriented
  • Multi-task multiple jobs at the same time, or coordinate its success
  • HR management and training
  • Operations Management and Administration
  • Time-based schedules and achievement of results
  • No vacation time for 6 months.

Progressive Position: The current recruitment of Operations Manager progresses into the General Manager Polinsys Corporate East. The career pathway will be clearly defined with achievement goals and expectations before the recruit begins his/her job. The career pathway is as follows:

Operations Manager – Deputy General Manager – General Manager

The position of General Manager is currently vacant and operations managers’ report and work directly with the Director. The corporate office is likely to be set up in a city in India or in Kuala Lumpur or in the United Arab Emirates and the promotee could influence that decision.

Thank you for your patience, and good luck!


J Stephen,

Managing Director

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