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Exclusive events covering multiple unique migration pathways to Canada. An event that could change your life. 

Learn about migration options ranging from immigration programs, education, and business migration. Polinsys offers seminars that cover these topics in order to educate you on multiple opportunities. Polinsys events are exclusive and based on an invite only basis. The event is completely free for those invited and provide valuable insight into migration opportunities to Canada.

Types of Events


Polinsys Immigration Seminars will cover the following skilled worker migration programs:

  1. Federal Skilled worker through Express Entry
  2. Federal programs under Atlantic Canada
  3. Provincial programs – Alberta
  4. Provincial Programs: Manitoba
  5. Provincial Programs: Ontario
  6. Provincial Programs: Saskatchewan
  7. Provincial Programs: Nova Scotia
  8. Provincial Programs: British Columbia
  9. Provincial Programs: New Brunswick
  10. Provincial Programs: Prince Edward Island


There is a perception that if you study in Canada, you automatically qualify for Permanent Residence in Canada. This is a myth. The Permanent Residence Quotas do not support it. Every year over 100K study permits are issued and at any time, there may be over 1 million temp Residents in Canada and the quota for permanent residence is only 350K. Students who update themselves with Immigration regulation and avoid common errors has a better chance of Permanent Residence in Canada. Learn before you try! Come with your parents! A classroom ticketed event which you will never regret attending!

Business mIgration

The Student Herald Immigration Seminars will cover the following aspects of Entrepreneur & Business Migration:

  1. Federal Business Start-up Visa
  2. Provincial programs – Alberta
  3. Provincial Programs: Manitoba
  4. Provincial Programs: Ontario
  5. Provincial Programs: Saskatchewan
  6. Provincial Programs: Nova Scotia
  7. Provincial Programs: British Columbia
  8. Provincial Programs: New Brunswick
  9. Provincial Programs: Prince Edward Island


Most frequent questions and answers
  • If you are a Working person, you should attend the Immigration/Education session. This session is clubbed into one session.
  • If you are a Business person, you should only attend the Business migration session
  • If you are married and if both couples are working, you should only attend the immigration/Education session. This session is clubbed into one session. Do not attend Business Migration
  • If you are married, & if one person in the couple is a Business person and the partner is a house maker, only attend the Business Session
  • If you are married and if both couples are in Business, then ONLY attend the business session
  • If you are married and if one person in the couple is a Business person and the other is Employed, please attend both sessions. Skilled worker is an easier and cheaper approach to Permanent residence.
  • If you are a student, then only attend the Immigration & Education session. Unless you understand the immigration approaches in Canada, you may make mistakes which could make your education in Canada not eligible for Permanent Residence. Even the type of Educational Institution you study matters. 

Please prepare yourself by bringing materials to take notes (paper and pen). You may also consider bringing snacks and drinks as refreshments are not provided. 

Entry is allowed only based on the display of a valid ticket (electronic or print) and a government-issued photo ID. 

Entry will be denied if:

  1. You do not have a valid ticket.
  2. You are not the issued ticket holder. 

Door staff will close all doors 30 minutes after the start of the event. Unfortunately entry will be denied if you arrive 30 minutes after the start of the event in order to prevent disruption. 

If you have previously applied under one migration program, you may be missing out on the other programs with are available. Most agents and their associates promote programs they are comfortable in ignoring other programs which an applicant can capitalize. Polinsys operates across Canada thereby covering most migration programs available.

Come for the event and learn about Landing obligations, Residency obligations, Citizenship and more….

Event Locations and Times

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