Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) overview for September 2022

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Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) overview for September 2022:
Good day ladies and gentlemen, this is IRC news and I am Joy Stephen, an authorized Canadian Immigration practitioner bringing out this release of the PNP overview for the month of April, 2022 from the Polinsys studios in Cambridge, Ontario. Today is the 7th of May, 2022.

This year, 2022, Canada’s PNP programs have done very well considering it is the 9th month of the year. The provinces picked over 12576 people for possible PNP programs in a month. The PNP program offers Provinces the choice of selecting their own residents. Most funded services for citizens are offered by Provinces to their residents like Health Care and Education.

OINP 4406 07, 20, 23, 27, 28 & 29 September 2022
BC 1299 07, 13, 21 & 27 September 2022
Manitoba 723 08 & 15 September2022
PEI 147 15 September 2022
SINP 3790 01, 06, 07 & 28, 2022
Quebec 2211 06 & 13 September 2022

Ontario: September 2022 Snapshot
On September 07 and 29 2022 the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) issued 1,521 and 1,340 invitations respectively to apply under the Ontario Express Entry Skilled Trades stream and On September 23, 2022 issued 363 targeted notifications of interest for Ontario’s Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream
On September 20, 2022, the OINP issued invitations to apply to potential candidates in the Expression of Interest system pool who may qualify for the Masters Graduate Stream with a score of 33 and above.
Also on September 27, 2022 OINP issued three targeted invitation to apply to a potential candidate who may qualify for the federal Economic Mobility Pathways Project under the Foreign Worker stream.
On September 28, 2022, the OINP issued targeted notifications of interest to 1,179 candidates who may qualify for Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities (HCP) Stream with a comprehensive ranking system score of 496 and above.

British Columbia: September 2022 Snapshot
Through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program, the province invites the top-scoring provincial candidates on a weekly basis. Invited candidates may apply to Express Entry British Columbia, Skills Immigration, Tech stream, Early childhood educators (NOC 4214) and Health care assistants (NOC 3413). These programs are some of the most active in the country.

Manitoba: September 2022 Snapshot
Manitoba issues invitations regularly through the following three streams: Skilled Workers in Manitoba, Skilled Workers Overseas, and International Education Stream. The province held a draw on September 08 & 15 issuing a total of 714 Letters of Advice to Apply. Out of which 226 letters were sent to candidates who had a valid Express Entry profile and 27 invitations were invited directly by the MPNP under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative under Skilled Workers Overseas Category. The Province also held a ‘Special Immigration Measure-Ukraine’ draw #7 on September 14 issuing a total of 09 Letters of Advice to Apply.

Prince Edward Island: September 2022 Snapshot
Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP) draws are prescheduled and held once a month. This year’s schedule was released by the province on January 1. The PEI PNP draw was held on September 15 and invited 142 candidates from the Labour Impact and Express Entry streams and 5 from the Business Impact stream.

Saskatchewan September 2022 Snapshot
On September 01, 06, 07 & 28, 2022, Saskatchewan held a draw inviting a total of 3790 candidates. The invitation was issued to 1774 candidates under Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) Express Entry and 2016 candidates through Occupations In-Demand.

Quebec September 2022 Snapshot
The Minister of Immigration, Francization and Integration invited 1,202 persons to apply for permanent selection. The Date and time of extraction from the Arrima bank was September 06, 2022 at 6:30 a.m with a score equal to or higher than 620 points.
On 13 September, 2022 the province invited 1,009 persons to apply for permanent selection. The Date and time of extraction from the Arrima bank was September 13, 2022 at 6:30 a.m with a score equal to or higher than 523 points for the specified NOC’s
These invitations were addressed to the persons meeting the following criterion: