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Hello Canada Recruitment Support for Foreign Nationals

Form to start Recruitment efforts with Canadian Employers

  • You can find your Polinsys client ID just above your name in any of the Polinsys payment confirmations sent to your email ID.
  • It is common that emails go into the spam folder if we are not listed as your contact. Polinsys emails are time-sensitive and you may miss some of our emails to spam if you do not add us to your contact list. Please include under Polinsys Limited in your contacts and please include your coordinator's name under his/her name
  • It is important for us to know whether you are willing to work anywhere in the Atlantic region. The possibility of employment increases based on your flexibility. If you are ONLY willing to work in cities, please mark 'NO' to this question.
  • If you do not have any experience, please say 'Not Applicable'
  • Certain jobs in remote areas will require a driver's licence to drive from place of work to home. Employers may be more interested in employees who will be punctual to arrive at work in their own vehicle when public transport is not available.
  • You agree that by selecting an employer, you will attend all online interviews scheduled by the employer on a mutually agreed on time. You will show up online for the interview appropriately dressed with reliable data allowing you to have an uninterrupted interview with the Canadian Employer. You agree that a no-show would result in no further complimentary recruitment service.
  • You agree that if an employer has selected you and has provided you with an offer letter, and after finalizing on the job, you sign and agree to begin work, and then decide not to join and is a no show for the 1st day's work because you changed your mind', we will no longer offer any further complimentary recruitment service.
  • Thank you for completing this form and before you submit this form, please understand the following:

    1. Please check your email and confirm it is yours before we can send you any information on Canadian Immigration. If you do not see our email in your inbox, please check your spam folder
    2. Always whitelist all emails coming to you from This will prevent emails from being led to spam and you will not miss them. To whitelist polinsys communication, please follow this link:
    3. Please click on the Captcha window below to filter spam and then click on the submit button.