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Post-Covid Revival is opening up Canadian Permanent Residence pathways. There are several approaches to Canadian permanent residence and this meeting today will give you a pathway to the major pathways. This meeting is will last 45 minutes but could provide you with a unique perspective on Canadian PR approaches. You may attend this meeting at 10 am Toronto time (Manila at 10 pm, Delhi at 7.30 pm & Dubai at 6 pm) on Facebook live or on Zoom

Today’s Zoom meeting invite is:

Meeting ID: 980 0649 7668

Passcode: 633475


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  • Provide an opportunity for prospects to unsubscribe from our communication despatch if you have already migrated to Canada or decided on your future settlement pathway where Canada is not a possibility. Some of you have subscribed to our platform over a decade back, and therefore, if you do not recall your email, you may unsubscribe with your phone number.
  • Provide you with an opportunity to gain access to important information about post-covid migration opportunities to Canada if you are not receiving our communication or if our communication is directed to your spam folder
  • Provide those who are interested with the FREE Zoom information session on multiple permanent residence pathways to Canada as we begin the post covid revival opportunity. There are numerous pathways available, and it is crucial to be prepared if you want to participate in such an opportunity.


Here are some important links for your reference:

Canada offers some unique Employer driven Permanent Residence pathways for those who can obtain a job in Canada. This link will provide some job opportunities Polinsys has, which will lead to Canadian Permanent Residence. Please watch this YouTube playlist to see if your experience would allow you to participate.

Polinsys offers several monthly FREE Information sessions for those interested to migrate to Canada. If you would like to receive the latest Job postings and the FREE Webinar invites, please include +1 647 8014019 as a Polinsys contact in your WhatsApp contact list or address book and send us a message. ‘Subscribe me.’ Polinsys will only broadcast WhatsApp messages to prospects who have our contact listed in their address book. This may avoid messages going to people who are not very serious about employment & migration pathways to Canada.

Immigration Services related to Canadian Immigration and Permanent Residence falls under the sole jurisdiction of the Government of Canada, and a Canadian Regulator regulates such services. Whenever you speak to someone about Canadian Immigration, please ensure that the person is approved by the Canadian Government to advise and represent you. The best place to check this is the Canadian government website. For guidance on how to check the credentials of the speaker of this event through the Canadian government website, please follow this link!

If you have friends or relatives who would like to learn more about Immigration pathways to Canada, please ask them to subscribe for the FREE online sessions, which they can watch from the comfort of their home.

Currently, some positions need to be filled soon, and if any of you have relevant experience, please get in touch through the listed WhatsApp number.

This month’s FREE Zoom events may be attached to your SMS text, and a copy can be found here!