The changing political situation in Canada, Immigration & Justin Trudeau.

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Some of the reforms everyone would like to see are:
1. Administrative:
a. Advance notice for changes in forms
b. Ask for missing documents rather than return the compete file
c. Like the HST, have a unified fee policy and a single fee intake process
d. Have a centralized processing structure where answers can be obtained from one location.
e. Document Check list and Document ID/sub-ID.
2. Regulatory:
a. Introduce a simple appeal process where unjust decisions or errors can be reviewed and corrected
b. Offer work permits until spousal applications are processed for International spouses
c. Change dependent age from 19 to 22
d. Revisit and introduce additional benefits for families, providing additional points for children
e. Increase immigration Quotas
3. Budgetary:
a. Increase manpower at call centres, and reduce wait times to under 30 minutes
b. Investing in a single file number approach linking sin number (for inside Canada applicants) or a single file number ID for outside Canada processing.
c. Training for Visa Officers
It is not much to ask for, or is it? If Trudeau is able to accomplish this, he is likely to be a Champaign for immigrants!

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