Canada Immigration, Credential Evaluation under ICAS


Ok let us get on to the evaluations, not sure why I keep referring to icas as ccas, it is icas and the website is

Once you visit the website, please click on “Applying for Immigration to Canada” and here you click on the large “Apply Now Button”. This page will begin your application process and this page deals with the Applicant Information.

This page completes your address

This page accepts information about your Education History. At the time of taking this video, ICAS accepted only Credit cards for online evaluations. In this page you fill your Primary Education, Secondary Education, Post Secondary Education and any other Degrees, Diplomas or certificates you may have got! Once completed please click on the submit button. <<815>> At the bottom of the page, the fees involved for this evaluation is displayed. Click on the next button

In this you will have to select why you need this evaluation. If it is for Immigration purpose, please select from the scroll down menu. Currently the only option I can see is Immigration to Canada. This section also displays the Assessment type, and also gives you the fees for evaluation. Click on the next button

This page displays the delivery options, and you may want to choose additional originals if you need any or direct the evaluations to be sent to a 3rd party. Click on the next botton

This is the last page before the payment page where you will have to read the sections and agree by ticking on the check boxes, then click on “Finish by Gooing to Moneris Payment Site”

iCAS accepts only payments by credit card for online evaluations.