Canada Immigration, Credential Evaluation under WES

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Visit the WES Website

Here Click on the Educational Credential Assessment for CIC button and that will lead you to this page.

Here you can see the steps involved in the Credential Evaluation process:

  1. The first step is to apply to WES and receive a reference number
  2. The next step is follow the document requirements and arrange for your documents to be delivered to WES
  3. WES Prepares the Educational Credential Assessment and sends an electronic report to you!

Now if you want to check on the document checklist required based on the country where you studied, let us take India as an example, you will be directed to another page which will provide you with the list of documents required for your Educational Credential Evaluation or ECA.

WES does not evaluate trades qualifications. For Professional Qualifications, you may need to provide your Professional Registration as well as Statement of Marks/Official Transcript and I will explain how to obtain these as we go along

In this page, you need to click on the + sign of the relevant education you have completed, example, if you have completed a University Degree like a masters or a batchelors, you will be shown what documents are required,

Likewise, click on the appropriate + sign if you have done Technical Education or General Nursing

Now, if you go back to the previous page, you can also do a self-evaluation if you visit the section “Free Degree Equivalency tool, and click on “Use the Tool”. In this section, the first window is to input your contact details so that the self-evaluation result is sent to your email and as you complete each page it will lead you to the next page, where you will have to input details of your institution and course you have taken. Please keep in mind that this is a guide only and the results are not official. It is a good idea to do your self-evaluation to get an understanding if your educational qualification is comparable to Canadian standards.

Now let us go back to the previous page and here you can register for this service by clicking on the “Apply Now” Button.

The first page, you will have to fill in your name, email id and create a password, and answer a security question. In case you loose your password or for any other reason, you may be asked the security question, so please note both the password and the answer to the security question down. Once done, click on the button “Create an Account”

The next page will lead you to another form, here your first name and last name will be filled automatically, however, if you have a middle name, please input it here. Indicate if this was the name on your certificates by selecting a yes or no selector. Then select if you are male or female, country of residence, input your address, phone number. The next section, the login details section would be filled automatically, Click on the continue button to be led to the next page

Now this page, you begin delivering the details of all your education. You will see Academic Credential 1, Academic Credential 2, and you can add as many Academic Credentials by clicking on the “Add another credential” button. One thing which I am often asked is what is meant by From Date, To Date and Year Awarded. From and To is clear, it pertains to start of the course & end of the course. Year awarded pertains to when the degree was awarded. In most cases it is awarded at the end of the course, however, if you have some back papers it may be awarded on a later date. Each time you finish with each credential, you will have to checkmark the box which says that you know and agree to submit the documents required for that credential.

Once you have completed this section, you can click on the continue button or click on the Save and Return Later button which will allow you to continue later. The contents you have filled will be saved and when you log in next time, you can continue from where you left off!

This is the next page, Here the fees for the evaluation process is described and the time it is going to take to complete the evaluation is also provided here. If you want the credential evaluation for more than one purpose other than CiC, then you may want to buy more recipients here and you will be charged $30 extra for each additional recipient. Once this is done, you can save and return later or move on to the next page!

Here you decide how you want the paper document to be sent to you, and then click on the next button

The next page displays the complete and total fees payable and here you can select the method of payment, either by credit card or

you can select Check or Money Order. For people outside Canada you may not be able to use this option as the Check or Money Order must be taken from a Canadian Bank, OR you can also choose Western Union Payment. If you are outside Canada, and if you don’t have a credit card, this is the method you may want to choose. Then click on the next button

This page will provide you with your Reference number. This number is very important and must be used in all your communication with WES. This page also gives some very crucial information like the document checklist. If you had chosen india as your country of education, then there will be some important messages pertaining to the region on this page. There is a documents submission checklist and below that, please review the special requirements section.

Below the Special Requirements section is a table illustrating what to submit and how to submit. Transcripts has to be sent by the institution directly to WES in a sealed envelop. Mailing address of WES is provided here!

let us now go back to the special Requirements section and have a look at what is provided in the section for Masters and PG Diploma holders section. This page describes it and

here is the section which describes the next special requirement and

here is the section about Natural medicine qualification

When you ask your institution to send the transcripts in a sealed envelope, please make sure that it is sent by a reliable trackable courier service and please provide the institution the courier charges in advance. You do not want to see these transcripts delayed in transit which would sometime considerably delay your results or in extreme cases, if the package is lost, your results may be indefinitely delayed.