Canada LMIA Preparedness Program

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The Polinsys LMIA Preparedness Program

The Polinsys LMIA Preparedness Program is a unique program which allows Polinsys to evaluate the applicant and the employer on the approaches to LMIA or Labor Market Impact Assessment. The Polinsys LMIA Representation includes Advertising and all aspects of the LMIA process, and the preparedness program is established to evaluate and explain the process. This program will identify the documents required for both the applicant and the employer and is a good evaluation tool to prepare for submissions. It helps the Employer and the applicant to know what documents required, the regulations pertaining to the retention of status, and the pro’s and con’s of the program. The Polinsys LMIA Preparedness Program is also a AR support program where a Document specialist communicates with the Employer and Applicant by email. We would encourage a written communication so that the volumes of information transmitted can be reviewed at any time. Even though this program does not include a Consultation by an Authorized Representative, most Authorized Representative choose to speak to the employer so that there is a clear understanding on the requirements.

LMIA’s cannot be done in a hurry and sometimes even the LMIA Preparedness Program may last up to a month until a final determination is made on the best approaches to obtain a work permit for the Applicant. Various factors contribute in determining a fair success factor for LMIA’s

There are Provincial and Federal programs and we are here to identify the right program for our clients. LMIA’s require advertising and other elements to confirm to regulations and this preparedness program can identify and explain those requirements. Once the preparedness fee is paid, the initial evaluation begins for both the applicant and the employer. In some cases, this process also requires a consultation between the Authorized Representative and the Employer. As only ONE such consultation is provided under this fee, all such consultation may be done once the document Specialist enlightens both parties on the approaches and documents required for the process and the AR -Employer meeting must be the final meeting which confirms, clarifies and starts the representation phase.

One important aspect of the Preparedness program is the need to have a written communication. A document specialist is not allowed to make phone calls as this distraction is one of the primary causes for data entry errors. A document specialist only responds to email queries and therefore all queries must be asked or clarified through emails. In addition to the Document Specialist, an LMIA Preparedness client may also talk to their Polinsys Co-ordinator by Phone, however, a co-ordinator is not the right person to address LMIA preparedness questions as they do not have access to your documents. He or she can only assist in clarifying your doubts by passing on your queries to the document specialist to have them answered.

Your Polinsys coordinator is the right person to sign you up for the LMIA preparedness program. I hope this program will assist you and shed light to several questions you may have about LMIA. Polinsys has several Authorized Representatives who specialize in LMIA’s. We will assign a specialist who has expertise and knowledge in the area. Thank you & Good luck!