Canada Permanent Residence Preparedness Program

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The Polinsys Permanent Residence Preparedness Program for Temporary Residents of Canada

The Polinsys preparedness program allows temporary residents in Canada prepare and enhance their knowledge on options. When a temporary resident signs up for this program, it allows a Polinsys Document Specialist to review documents and suggest PR options. This program is NOT a Representation program and therefore does not include Canadian Authorized Representative’s consultation. The program allows a Document Specialist to evaluate an opportunity based on the scanned copies of documents and would suggest options to Temporary residents. Whenever an AR is free, an AR may choose to schedule a “My AR & me” meeting, a group meeting for those who signed up for the Preparedness program. This provides an opportunity to hear directly from the AR about options. As the Polinsys Preparedness program is not a representation program, these meetings are scheduled for members if the AR is willing to volunteer his or her time. Look out for myAR & me meetings for Preparedness clients at

The Polinsys Preparedness program is a AR supervised program through the AR’s Document Specialist. There is NO personal consultation time included in this program, unless an AR chooses to volunteer their time for personal consultation. Once you sign up for the Preparedness program, you will be provided online access to submit your documents online. Based on what documents you have actually provided, your document specialist may suggest Permanent Residence options if such options exist. Once you sign up for this program, will be provided the Polinsys online portal access to upload your document copies and you will also be invited to attend the myAR & me meetings.

The Polinsys Preparedness Program provides information based on actual document copies submitted and does NOT provide support for options without submitting document copies or asking for information based on hypothesis. Any questions based on information without documents or hypothetical must be clarified with an Authorized Representative at the myAR & me meeting. A document specialist is not trained to address such questions and the Preparedness Program is not there to address hypothetical question.

One important aspect of the Preparedness program is the need to have a written communication. A document specialist is not available to call as phone calls are one of the primary causes for errors. A document specialist only responds to email queries and therefore all queries must be asked or clarified through emails. In addition to the Document Specialist, a Preparedness client may also talk to their Polinsys Co-ordinator by Phone, however, a co-ordinator is not the right person to address preparedness questions as they do not have access to your documents. He or she can only pass on the information to the document specialist to answer them.

This program is setup in a way that provides options to a Temporary Resident in Canada. We hope this program will benefit you and good luck & Thank you!