Hello Canada Fixed Fee for International Applicants


What our fees entail?

Hello Canada International clients may opt fixed fee option because it is the most economical and it is set up in a way that it is a self-help structure based on minimal support levels. This fee structure is ideal for people from developing nations where a fee based on work may be too expensive. Please watch the video and read these materials and understand the reasoning of the fee so that you can have a clear understanding of the service offered.

For an employer to be comfortable to consider you for employment, you would be better off being immigration ready, meaning you have done your IETLS exams and you have completed your credential evaluation and compiled all your documents. Some International applicants take several months to get all this ready and Canadian Employers may not wait for that long for you to join. If you require training in Interview attendance and motivation, you will be required to pay $330 for an Interview Prep and follow-up by Polinsys personnel who can prepare you for the first 3 employer interviews. If you have the experience to attend interviews yourself and are successful in doing so, please do not sign up for this additional support.

What is the Hello Canada fixed fee and what does it entail?

The first fee is $295 USD which we call the Standard Immigration preparedness fee.  This is preparing for Permanent Residence. You will be required to sign a contract for us to begin work and it is referred to as Immigration Preparedness Contract.

This fee will allow us to evaluate the requirement and provide you with a document list which you will have to complete and upload on our online portal. We will only require digital copies at this point. We would expect you to upload all the documents in a reasonable time without us having to follow up. After all you and only you can provide us with the required documents. This fixed fee service allows for the following hours of work:

10 hours of Documentation Personnel work
2 Hours of Administration work
.30 minutes of Authorized Representative review work.

It is in your interest to provide us with your documents on time and do not allow us to constantly follow up. Also, when contacting us, please consolidate all your questions and complete your list of questions in one communication rather than through multiple communications.

Once you have completed your preparedness, you will then go to the next step and pay for the Canadian team to start their coordination and set up for passing your resume to the recruiter and representing you with the recruiter and employer. Now is the time to pay your Hello Canada Preparedness Fee of CAD 250. You will be required to sign a contract before we begin work and it is referred to as Hello Canada Preparedness Fee. For international applicants, there is NO point in approaching employers unless you are immigration-ready. Hello Canada Preparedness Fee is a fixed fee based on average time taken. It allows for 1 hour of client coordination time. Coordination time is typically internal and our constant representation with the recruiter. International applicants may pay the Hello Canada Preparedness fee and the Resume Critiquing fee together so that Resume Critique may be completed soon.

$500 CAD Resume Critique:

Our standard Resume Critiquing costs $150, however, when it comes to Hello Canada, it costs $500 because it includes the following:

Initial Resume Critiquing is to use it to apply for jobs in Canada (Done by your coordinator). This will be evaluated by Polinsys as well as The Student Herald. It must match NOC codes to ensure job titles and job descriptions are in line with the Canadian NOC’s
Final Resume critiquing is for it to be used for Permanent Residence based on Immigration (Done by your Canadian Immigration team before PR submission). If for your bad luck, you do not find a job in Canada, you will obtain a $250 refund.

Resume Critiquing is important because resumes will have to meet immigration requirements. Please do NOT misunderstand resume critiquing with resume designing. Resume Critiquing is done because your resume will be distributed to employers in Canada and if your resume is passed on to the Immigration department for some reason, and it does not conform with the NOC codes in relation to Job Titles and Job Descriptions, your Permanent Residence or Work Permit may be irrevocably denied.

Before you sign up, please understand the following:

This fee does NOT include unlimited support including follow-ups or updates. If you need all that, you need to pay a fee for any additional support. WE at times encounter clients demanding follow-ups OR constant updates. Please understand that we do not follow up or update unless there is a reason to do so. We offer 1 hour of personal updates for the entire $250 Hello Canada preparedness and any additional requests will be billed at $36/Hr. Please watch these 4 videos before you sign up for the Hello Canada Program because our service is based on the hours spent on your file and is not unlimited.

Our Hello Canada fixed fees are structured in such a way that those of you who need constant updates and feedbacks, should pay for such service. Polinsys deals with a lot of professionals who take little time to be serviced and understand that when you get a job and if the employer hires you, Polinsys will notify the client. If the employer does not select the candidate, we move on. Sometimes employers take time to decide and by which time, if Polinsys receives numerous follow-up emails about updates, then you will have to pay for the additional support.

Typically, if employers are willing to interview an applicant, the Hello Canada program would assist an applicant for up to 3 interviews after targeting 10 employers over a 2 year period. This period is extended to 3 years during the COVID period for anyone who has signed up before June 30, 2021.

International applicants once selected should pay for local Work Permit representation and also deposit the Permanent Residence Representation fees into trust account. Please take a moment to watch the two videos below about fees!

What our fees entail?