Canadian Immigration & Recruitment Services for Atlantic Temporary Residents

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If you are an Atlantic Resident living in the Atlantic region of Canada on a temporary status and would like to approach Immigration related services through employer-driven pathways (Work Permit, regular or pilot Immigration programs), Anyone living in the Atlantic region as a temperory resident for over a year, your PR pathway could include opportunities without work experience. Please watch these long videos and sign up to attend a Zoom meeting. Watch these videos, fill the forms below and attend the Zoom meeting and you will be on your way.

Immigration is a life-changing experience and we have provided these long videos to ensure our clients understand what the process involves. Please invest the time to understand and sign up for the FREE zoom meeting. These videos are long, but it is your future you are talking about and is well worth the time you must invest in. Please make sure you watch the videos below and follow this link and understand fully what our fees entail.

This first video is about the general understanding of the Hello Canada program

This video is for the approaches for Atlantic residents (people residing in the Atlantic region of Canada)

How does Polinsys work? Polinsys has a global operational structure and you must watch this video to understand its working!

International worker recruitment:

Want to know more about Canadian recruitment and Canadian jobs related to your experience? Fill this form and receive clear instructions and information on Canadian Jobs and Canadian recruitment. The Student Herald is a Canadian recruiter and we do not charge for any Canadian recruitment services. Provide us with your information by filling the form below and we will update you on opportunities. You will also be invited to attend a Free group event to discuss Canadian employment opportunities frequently.

The above form is for a Hello Canada Enquiry for attempting employment-driven Immigration pathways. If you studied and lived in the Atlantic region as a Temperory resident for over a year, you could qualify to apply for Permanent residence without work experience. Please come for the Zoom meeting at 9am Toronto time every Tuesday by clicking on this link at the specified time to gain entry into the zoom meeting!

If you are here for general enquiry beyond the Hello Canada program, please fill the form below with your questions!