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In our relentless pursuit of service excellence, we wish to underscore the distinctive resources that set Polinsys apart within our industry. For inquiries regarding procuring remunerated services related to Canadian Immigration, we kindly urge adherence to the stipulation set forth by the Canadian Government. This entails engaging only with Canadian Paid Authorized Representatives for matters involving payment. The significance of selecting the appropriate Authorized Representative is underscored by IRCnews on their webpage: If you want to contact us, please use our online evaluation link.


It is our endeavor to ensure that our clients are well-informed about the diverse array of online resources at their disposal, easily accessible from the comfort of their homes. These resources play a pivotal role in enriching one’s understanding of the various pathways and prospects associated with Canadian Immigration.

Action Points:

We strongly encourage the utilization of our comprehensive online resources as an informative tool in the decision-making process pertaining to Canadian Immigration pathways. These resources furnish a wealth of information and educational materials, conveniently available for perusal at one’s own convenience.

Online Evaluation:

We request all prospects who would like to use our services to complete the imperative online evaluation. This step not only provides valuable insights into one’s potential avenues towards Canadian Permanent Residence, but it also affords us the opportunity to evaluate your circumstances. The online evaluation tool can be accessed via This link will be conspicuously available on your Polinsys resource page.

NOC Code Information:

Gaining familiarity with your NOC code, aligned with your job title, constitutes a significant stride towards comprehending the nuances of Canadian Permanent Residence. Moreover, it can aid in identifying prospects pertinent to your occupation. This preliminary step holds substantial importance. In the event that you are unaware of your NOC code corresponding to your job title and experience, we invite you to visit Here, you can ascertain your NOC code by entering your job title.

Polinsys resources page offers several self learning tools about Canada Immigration:

Polinsys offers its clients several resources. 

  1. For ALL: The first step is to know your Canadian Authorized Representative.
  2. For skilled workers and professionals: Canada Wholesome Immigration Services: 
  3. For skilled workers and professionals: Canada Immigration Express Entry:
  4. For skilled workers and professionals: Employer Driven Program:
  5. For skilled workers and professionals: Canadian Jobs:
  6. For skilled workers and professionals: Accomplished International Student:
  7. For Students without work experience: International Students:
  8. For Entrepreneurs & Business People:
  9. Exclusively for Nurses: